Fell from a branch, tossed from an avalanche...

✦ This is a personal website, which I keep for fun and for practice. I collect information and things I find interesting here!

✦ I love causing problems for myself on purpose. I update Fell sporadically, but updates are guaranteed on Wednesdays.
✦ What's changed? (Most recent update on 24th June.)
Note to self: Navigation requires reformatting after the removal of the nav bar.
✦ Fell is also best viewed on desktop, having not yet been made responsive. Watch this space.

To do list:
✧ Change or remove landing page
✧ Change about to be more about the website in general first, and then add information about the webmaster.



index.html made with basic edits. gifs added and backgrounds also.

columns added to index.html. to do list written. light tweaking to css. landing page added. hyperlinks in navigation bar fixed.

exams are over! updated about.html with fun little lists. bookmarked many pages for reference! getting stuff down ^__^

brief hiatus over. hubs page created for warriors characters, with an alternate feel for the pages under that. going to create addt'l stylesheets for each 'domain' for characters, and reuse them for related shrines. fiddled about with fonts. uploaded fanwood.