Made with love by Mo. Est. 2019. Previously named snailrights, the previous iteration of Fell was built off is old code. As it stands, this is now a repository for my notes, hordes of information I'd like to stash and my own writing. It's an ongoing project and a massive work in progress. Here are some of the recent changes I've made to it.

Hi! Again, I'm Mo, Amo, whatever. Refer to me with they/he/she pronouns, handily provided in order of preference. Englishperson. Writer. (Occasional) artist. Garamond enthusiast. Classicist by day. The list goes on.

I'm a self-identified practicioner of... something. I wouldn't call myself a witch, but I guess that fits, if terms like that suit you. I collect things relevant to my practice and record information, though you won't find any hyperspecific details here.

If you're woefully lost and recognise me from anywhere, I used to be active on Tumblr for a long while. If the handle @0322 is familiar to you, congratulations! That was me, pretty recently. Hopefully working on Fell will keep my urge to collect words and images sated so I don't have to return to the dreaded blue site.

In any case, feel free to explore the site. Return to the homepage, if you'd like.

Before you go! Fell couldn't exist in the way it does now without the influence of other people, so here's your obligatory dump of other websites' buttons. These websites have been invaluable in allowing me to find my own direction with Fell, and I'm glad they exist.

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